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Sliding door garden sheds





 Pre-drilled holes  Council DA friendly
 Easy to assemble  Thicker steel than some
 Australian building codes  Every part labeled
 Australian instruction manual  Fast delivery


Garden Shed Gable 3.0 x 2.3 Single Sliding Door

 Garden shed Sheds4Less gable sliding door series 3x2.3

Not quite the shed you are looking for? Then try these for size.

Just slightly smaller than the traditional 3 x 3 garden shed, the 3 x 2.3 is the answer for the modern back yard. The front gable design ensures that this shed does not look out of place. It has a single sliding door on the 3 metre side so you do not need to allow swing space for a traditional hinged door.

Shed Specifications

Model G30S123N0
Roof type Front Gable Roof
Exterior dimension 2995mm x 2250mm
Interior dimension 2955mm x 2210mm
Height @ wall 1900mm
Height @ ridge 2300mm
Primary door type Single sliding
Primary door height 1870mm
Primary door opening 770mm
Secondary door type Nil
Secondary door height N/A
Secondary door opening N/A
Weight 120.10kg
Area 6.74 sq mt
Slab size 3095mm x 2350mm x 100mm


Floor Plan

Download this sheds data sheet here.

Not quite the shed you need? Then try these for size.

3.0 x 2.3 Single Sliding Door No Side Door

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