About Sheds4less

Need to buy a garden shed? - There has got to be a better way!

We believe buying and building a garden shed should be easier and cheaper.

Our Company

The idea for Sheds4less was developed in late 2009 by a group of hardware industry veterans that knew that there had to be a way of giving the Australian consumer a better value deal when buying a garden shed.

The Problem

Visiting your local hardware store to try and buy a shed was a real ordeal. Most of the time the store was out of stock, you could not find anyone to give you advice and who knows if your order would get placed after the weekend staff assured you it had been "written in the book" for the weekday staff to action.

And once the garden shed arrived at the store you realised that it was packed in a carton that weighed 90 kg and you could not get it in the car let alone tote it from the front of the house to the back yard without getting a hernia.

Our System

Sheds4less sheds are not sold in any retail store in Australia. This is because our garden sheds have been designed for you the customer and not the retailer. Your new shed is packed into multiple specially designed cartons, none of which weigh more than 25 kg. This means that you can can easily move your garden shed without much effort. But the really important bit is that we can deliver your shed directly to your house. You don't have to worry about going to some depot to collect your garden shed like some other online sellers. We will deliver your shed directly to your door. Your garden shed arrives factory fresh, no chance of interim transit damage and no chance of store staff "ratting" parts for other sheds.

Our Pricing

Because we don't use retailers we can pass this cost saving directly on to you our customer. We don't advertise in catalogues, we don't have a warehouse to run. Your garden shed comes from factory to you.

Our Team

Sheds4less is a 21st century company. Our team is distributed around Australia and around the world. Our product guy has been designing sheds in Australia for the last 25 years and knows what it takes to make a damn good shed. Our factory have been making sheds for Australia and Europe for many years, so know what it takes to have a shed withstand the rigors of the Australian sun or the cold of a European winter. Our marketing man has more than 30 years experience in the Australian retail scene and has been integral in developing significant online businesses for large and small Australian companies. Together we are Sheds4less.

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