Building a garden shed made easy

How much does a steel garden shed weigh?

The weight of a steel garden shed can vary greatly depending on its size, the thickness of the steel used, and any additional features it may have. Typically, small sheds might weigh around 40-50KG, while larger ones could exceed 150KG.

Our sheds range from 40 – 185KG Below is a table that lists the foot print and weight range of our sheds.

Shed Footprint (Nominal)Area M2 Weight Range
0.8 x 0.80.6040-50KG
0.8 x 1.51.1750-60KG
0.8 x 2.31.7460-70KG
0.8 x 3.02.3275-85KG
0.8 x 3.72.91100 - 115KG
0.8 x 4.52.70120-140KG
0.8 x 5.24.06125-145KG
0.8 x 6.04.63135-155KG
1.2 x 1.51.8460-65KG
1.2 x 2.32.7475-80KG
1.2 x 3.03.6585-95KG
1.2 x 3.74.59115-125KG
1.2 x 4.55.49135-155KG
1.2 x 5.26.39145-160KG
1.2 x 6.07.30155-170KG
1.5 x 1.52.2865-75KG
1.5 x 2.33.4085-95KG
1.5 x 3.04.5195-105KG
1.5 x 3.75.68125-140KG
1.5 x 4.56.80150-170KG
1.5 x 5.27.91150-170KG
1.5 x 6.09.03165-185KG
2.3 x 2.35.06110-120KG
2.3 x 3.06.73120-130KG
3.0 x 3.08.94120-145KG

Typically shed makers pack sheds into 1-2 boxes. Often one box weighs close to 100kg which makes delivery and moving on-site very difficult. At Sheds4less we pack our sheds into multiple boxes which weigh 25KG or less. This makes on-site moves easy.

So the first step in making building a shed easy. Make it easy to handle on site.

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