Avoiding Common Garden Shed Buying Mistakes

Installing a new shed can provide useful storage space in your backyard. However, buyers frequently make planning errors regarding shed size, height or layout. These oversights not only waste money, but also require additional reconstruction work. You can take a few key steps during your research process to prevent common pitfalls.

Selecting the Wrong Garden Shed Height

Garden shed wall heights impact usability and storage versatility. Shorter sheds, less than 2 metres tall greatly inhibit ease of access and make organizing difficult, especially for taller users. Consider that the average Australian male is 175cm tall, there are sheds available today with doorway heights of 154cm. This makes no sense. Doorway heights need to be at least 180cm and wall heights need to be at least 190cm tall with the roof extending this height even more.

Low shed

Short Shed
1.Door Height - 154cm
2.Wall Height - 170cm
3.Roof Height - 181cm

Tall Shed
1.Door Height - 185cm
2.Wall Height - 190cm
3.Roof Height - 210cm

Tall Shed

Common Garage Storage Shelf Units

Garage storage shelf units are ideal for use in garden sheds. They are freestanding so do not have to be attached to a wall. They can be moved around to suit your needs. However, they need to fit in your shed. Most of the popular units are just over 180cm tall so your shed needs to have a minimum wall height of 190cm to take advantage of the wide range of options available.

Choosing the Wrong Shed Size.

Garden sheds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In fact at Sheds4less we have over 5,000 different size and door variations.

Think about where in the backyard you want to put your shed. You need to select a position and note anything that might inhibit the doors opening like garden beds, paths, trees or plumbing or solar hardware. Have a good idea of the spaces measurements before beginning your search for a new garden shed.

Many shed purchasers simply estimate needed capacity instead of measuring and planning out item storage. Always measure your equipment to store, map out locations in a floor-plan, then add at least 25% more area to allow continuing growth.

Picking the Wrong Door Setup

Doors represent another commonly frustrating element when shed users purchase an unsuitable configuration. Single doors limit passage of wide loads like mowers or wheelbarrows. Double doors provide wider access but consume more wall space that may compromise interior storage layouts.

Hinged doors need swing space equivalent to the width of the door. Check which side the door is hinged, and if the opening is on the left or right. Check whether you can change this to suit your space when you build the shed.

Sliding doors can reduce the need for swing space and eliminate the potential of damage to vehicles when the shed is located in a garage or carport. Measure your widest items to identify ideal opening size and style. Getting "bottlenecked" every time you need to remove key equipment quickly causes headaches.

Find the Shed to Fit Your Space

With over 5,000 different garden sheds you are bound to find a shed that fits your space. Use our online shed selector to find the right size and right door configuration to suit your needs.

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