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Alex Cochran
Founder - Sheds4less

Outdoor Storage Problem

Sandra's property had a narrow strip of land that was underutilized due to its limited width. She needed a storage solution that could maximize this space while providing ample room for her belongings and easy access from both her front and back yards.

Outdoor Storage Problem Solved

Sandra visited the Sheds4less website seeking a storage solution for her limited outdoor space. Using the Shed Selector tool she realized that a tunnel shed would be the perfect answer. Tunnel sheds, designed to optimize narrow spaces between house walls and fences, offer a unique combination of practicality, efficiency, and accessibility.
They have a door on both ends plus optional doors on the longer side.

Tunnel Sheds

After assessing Sandra's needs and the dimensions of her available space, she used the Shed Selector tool and realized a tunnel shed from our extensive range of over 2,000 variations was the answer. The specific model, as shown in the floor plan, measured 4500 mm in length, 1510 mm in width, and 2235 mm in height, offering a generous storage capacity without compromising on accessibility.

Tunnel shed floorplan

The shed featured a dual-door system, with entry points at both ends, allowing Sandra to easily access her stored items from either her front or back yard. This design not only enhanced convenience but also significantly improved the shed's functionality.


The installation process required patience and an extra pair of hands due to the numerous screws and large sections involved in the assembly. However, Sandra found the process manageable, and the end result was well worth the effort.
To further optimize the shed's functionality, Sandra made a few customizations:

  • Installing a false floor for added stability and moisture protection
  • Adding extra strengthening braces to the roof to withstand potential snow loads
  • Mounting a rail of storage hooks for organizing tools and equipment
  • Incorporating three solar lights for improved visibility and convenience


With her new tunnel shed in place, Sandra has transformed the once underutilized space into a practical and efficient storage area. The shed's slender footprint belies its generous storage capacity, providing ample room for Sandra's belongings.

In her feedback, Sandra expressed her satisfaction with the purchase, stating,

 "We enjoy our shed. It has a slender footprint yet provides plenty of storage space. All in all money well spent due to the limitations of access to the site."

Sandra shed

The Result

Sandra's case study exemplifies the value of tunnel sheds in optimizing limited outdoor spaces. By using the Shed Selector on the Sheds4less website and selecting a solution from our extensive range, Sandra was able to maximize her property's potential and gain a practical, efficient storage area that met her specific needs.

If you're facing similar challenges with limited outdoor space, a tunnel shed might just be the perfect solution. With over 2,000 variations available at Sheds4less, we're confident we can help you find the ideal shed to transform your underutilized areas into functional, easily accessible storage spaces.

Sandra's Shed Photos

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Sandras Shed
Inside Sandras shed
Sandras long shed
Sandra and her shed

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