What's Happened to the Australian Back Yard?

What has happened to the Australian back yard? The changing landscape of Australian homes and how it changes what we need for outdoor storage. The humble garden shed is not what it used to be.

Over the past 10-15 years, Australian homes have undergone a significant transformation. The average site area of new houses in capital cities has decreased by up to 22%, while the average floor area has increased slightly or remained relatively stable. This trend is driven by rising land costs, a greater proportion of new houses being constructed in urban infill locations, and the construction of more two-storey houses to maximize living space on smaller lots.

Australian House Block Sizes
House block size

The reduction in yard space has profound implications for garden sheds and outdoor storage. Traditional large garden sheds may no longer be feasible for many homeowners. Instead, there is a growing demand for compact and multi-functional storage solutions that can fit into smaller spaces. Gone are the days when the back yard was a square patch of land at the back of the house. Today it is more than likely a rectangle out the back and two slivers of space down the sides of the house. The typical 3x3 square garden shed no longer fits. You need many more size and door placement variations to solve today’s outdoor storage needs.

This is why Sheds4less designed a garden shed system that has over 7,000 different shed size and door variations. This is by far the largest range of sheds available in Australia. No matter what size space you have, there is a Sheds4less shed that can fit your space. Use our online shed selector tool to find the shed you really need.

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