Painting a Metal Shed Step 2

Removing the oily residueShed in need of painting

Cleaning with mineral turpentine:

  • Saturate rags with Mineral Turpentine and wash down all areas to be painted.
  • Constantly change the rags as they will become saturated with the oil.
  • Hang out the rags when you have finished and allow them to dry out before disposing of them responsibly.

Cleaning with White Vinegar:

  • This method is carried out the same as you would with the turpentine except obviously you use White Vinegar.
  • Use a mixture of 1 part White Vinegar to 5 parts water.
  • Saturate the rag and wipe over every area to be painted.

Cleaning with Sugar Soap:

  • Take a large plastic bucket, fill it with hot water and add a double mix of painters sugar soap, check the mixing directions of the brand you want to use and the double it!
  • Using a soft broom, scrub down the shed and any area you are going to paint then rinse off with cold water, allow to dry and then paint.


Step 3 Priming and Top Coats