Car Park Shed

chris's shed 1


I have to say, Sheds4Less has been a very convenient and pleasurable experience from start to finish. I initially contacted Sheds4Less via email with a few questions and queries - I received a positive response the same day! (email attached)

From this I ordered my shed online which arrived the same day! I was easily able to download the instructions which I could put in my Dropbox for easy viewing during the installation. I was also emailed clear instructions and there was a printed copy with the shed.

I followed the instructions and made sure I had the time and tools to methodically put the shed together. It was quite a joy seeing it come to life and a very rewarding experience! Albeit it was advised to have 2 people set this up, I did most of it myself.

The quality and finish of the shed is excellent. It's a very practical solution to all our storage requirements.

Check out the attached photos of the shed being built and the finished product. Every time I see it I'm filled with self satisfaction!

I've been telling my friends and neighbours about Sheds4Less and their superior quality and service. I highly recommend anyone who is in the market for a shed to buy one from Sheds4Less!

Best regards

August 2012

Making People Happy


Hello Alex,


Wow, you could not have been more helpful, and in such a quick manner as well.  Thank you so much for being so helpful, it is a pleasure (and a big surprise) to know that there are still people so professional around.


We will investigate the sites you have recommended, and if we don't come up with anything that suits - either size or price-wise - we will definitely be contacting you again and purchasing the shed from you, without any hesitation.


Thank you again Alex.


Cheerio  -  Irene and Ian

July 2012

It's Not Just About the Shed

I read many reviews on your company before deciding where to purchase our shed & I will gladly agree with every review I read.  Even if any of your customers had any little hiccups, they all said how brilliant the customer service was & how easy you made the process.
Well done!  These days it is so rare to find a company that offers such outstanding customer service.  I will certainly be spreading the word about Sheds4less far & wide! Hope you like our slide show.


Kind regards,
Deb - May 2012

Peter's Shed

joans shed

Very happy with finished results of the shed . Enclosed is photo of shed built in position




June 2012

After Sales Sevice

Smile We Love Syd's Garden Shed

Hi Alex

I am very pleased with my shed, prompt delivery and excellent product.
I did have a problem when the shed was deliverd, as in transit one of the boxes was damaged.
I contacted Shes4Less by email on a Public holiday and with amazment I got a reply to my email with in about 2hours, and a new box arrived at the end of the week.
The aftersale service was second to none. I can not praise this company enough and will be recomending you to all my friends.
Kind regards and thanks again for the excellent service

Syd Smith
June 2012

Top End Shed

Smile We Love Robs Garden Shed

Hello Alex,

Thanks for your fast (and value packed) service. The shed arrived in complete and quickly, even to here in sunny Cairns. It's all installed and painted and we're pleased. It's not terribly strong so, given we're in a cyclone area, we've added many extra dynabolts and screws to hold it all together in a strong wind.
I would recommend your service happily to others.
Thank you and kind regards,

June 2012

Just Like a Glove

Hi Alex,

I will give you my feed back regarding my beautiful shed.
Firstly I thought it will be hard job and I had hesitation to start, but when I read the instructions and when I started it was so enjoyable. It was difficult to find suitable shed for my delicate space where I wanted to be, but your Internet site gave me almost exactly what I want it with very little adjustments, and as it can be seen from the photos it fitted perfectly.
The instructions where so easy to really make you enjoy the project. Unfortunately I did not take any photos while I was working but I am so happy what I achieved with this. I  will definitely recommend to anyone who is interested to erect a shed in their backyard.
All pieces where clearly marked and nothing was missing which helped a lot to have fun all the way through. My space was specific so I had to assemble the shed on the clear space in my backyard and than just slid it in. I had my friend giving me hand and it was not heavy for two people to lift and slid it in. Excellent job... Thank you.

June 2012


Barry's Workmen


I'd have to say that the complete experience was seamless - ordering, delivery and most of the construction.... a few mates drinking beer and offering helpful advice probably didn't help.

Even the instructions were good but I would suggest that 4 saw horses are required to do the job really safely - 2 saw horses and a couple of deck chairs did the job - just.  Quality of the parts were all good and the labelling of each item was perfect.

Photos attached of the finished shed with the proud site foreman and construction engineer in front.  I couldn't get one photo with both of them in it due to fights over the chair!


Thanks again,

Barry - May 2012

A Shed Veteran

Smile We Love Mr Lee's Garden Sheds

Hi guys I would like to say we have now got 3 sheds and yours was the easiest by far to put up,and the cheapest we could find at the time of purchase. If we ever needed another shed I would definitely be a return customer due to quality and customer service.

If I was to say anything negatively about sheds 4 less it would be shortage on screws, so we had to stop the job and go to Bunnings to pick up extra screws.
(We have now fixed. - Alex)

Overall great product and great service thank you.

S Lees - May 2012

Great Solo Effort

Smile We Love Andrew's Garden Shed

Hi Alex,

Upon placement of the order of my shed, l promptly receive the instruction manual in PDF for at through email. This was a welcome to change to other items I have ordered online, and allowed me time to read and plan for the construction of the shed. This is certainly preferable to opening numerous items of packaging to find the manual, and then review it will all the parts surrounding me.
I also contacted you with a technical query regarding the foundation or base or the shed and you response was again prompt and reassured me that the plan l had was sound.

My shed foundation consisted of 9 concrete filled post holes, with a 200 mm post bracket embedded in each. I worked on the corners first, and placed the portholes and brackets at 2800 centers. This provided a 100 mm overhang on each end. The intermediate posts we place between the centre of the 2800 spaced posts, or at 1400 mm apart. I then placed 3 - 100 x 100 posts horizontally to act as the beams, and then place 150 x 45 joints perpendicular to the beams. All joints tied in with coach screws. Between each joist, l placed spacers for stability staged at approximately 600 centers.

With the base foundation complete and level, l started assembling the shed. The assembly of all sides and the roof was fairly easy, as the instruction were comprehensive enough to explain all the detail required.

I then started erecting the shed, and using spare lengths of 2 x 4 l used them as braces to hold up the walls as a temporary measure, and since l only had one pair of hands available. Once l had completed 3 sides, the walls we stable enough to be freestanding whilst l got the doors in place. The walls of the shed all fit into place perfectly and was actually quite easy to do.

On to the roof now, and putting the gable on was simple as was sliding on the first half of the roof and getting into place. The second half of the shed proved a little more of a challenge though. With the ridge cap and fittings already on the half of the roof already installed, it was a bit of a challenge sliding the second roof half into the slot. A bit of juggling, balancing and gentle persuasion finally got me there. Again - only one pair of hand didn't aid my cause.

Overall, the shed was easy to assemble, and if l had the benefit of a second pair of hands it would have been even easier. I think once l had all the parts assembled, the actual erection of the shed took about 4 hours. Excluding the foundation, the shed was assembled, erected and starting to be filled with stuff within the day.

I am very happy with the she'd. it was reasonably priced, particularly with the color bond option and arrived on site very quickly.


Andrew - May 2012

A Cleansing Ale


I love my new shed! It took me less than 3 hours to put together by myself. The instructions were clear and as well as being surprisingly humorous!
Note from the photos that I followed the instructions to the letter and finished my shed building with a well deserved drink!

Donna- April 2012

Little Things Matter

Smile We Love Barry's Garden Shed

Hi Alex,

Just a short note to say thank you for the fast delivery on my new shed, I ordered on Tuesday night and was doubtful it would arrive for this weekend.
I was astounded to find it delivered (in exactly the spot requested) by the time I got home from work Thursday afternoon.  Assuming all the bits are there and it goes together OK (i.e. good quality)  I will have no hesitation in recommending your organisation for both price, ongoing communication and delivery.

Much appreciated,

Barry - April 2012

Rainwater to Boot


Hi Alex,

I emailed a couple of weeks back about the ridge height being taller than expected, we were hoping that the shed would slot under the eave of our other shed so rain water would run across both shed roofs.
Instead we have installed a gutter between the two sheds, at the moment the down pipe is releasing water directly onto the ground, but in the next couple of weeks we'll be purchasing a water tank that will be installed at the back of the sheds, then we'll redirect the pipe into the tank. The shed is now fully installed, shelves have been added & now we're going to landscape around it & conceal as much as we can with plants.

Thanks for the shed, we're now very happy with it & really appreciate the service you have provided, particularly your quick follow up emails regarding our concerns.


April 2012

No Room for More Sheds?

Smile We Love Ellen's Garden Shed

Hi Alex,


The shed arrived yesterday about 7.30pm. Thank you for the fantastic service. Unfortunately I only have a small backyard and cannot fit another shed in but I will definitely recommend your company to others. I have never had such prompt and efficient service from another company. I was going to purchase the shed from Bunnings. I am so please I looked on the Internet and found Sheds4less.




April 2012

More Room to Play


Hi Alex,

Your personal service in helping me order my shed was greatly appreciated and it arrived just before the weekend which was fantastic.

As you can see in the photo that I have attached I have 4 kids and it’s given us that extra space for them to play.

Kind Regards

March 2012

Dale and Russ's Vegie Shed


Hi Sheds4Less. My shed is up and running in the back garden now. It arrived in only one day which was a great surprise and we had it assembled in the next couple of days. It takes a little time to assemble but no problem with the great instructions, putting the sides and roof together are not a one  man job as the instructions stated, but I did try but failed and had to call for help, but apart from that error everything went well and am happy with the final result. Thanks for all the help you gave me in the ordering process I'm new to the hi-tech world.

Thanks again


February 2012



Our Shed arrived intact we found it very easy to assemble with the help of your
easy to read and follow manual.
We being of a over 65 age had no problems and thank you for your prompt service.
We have named our shed “ALBOH” - Which means =A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN
We sold our 37 square house and moved into a over 55 Lifestyle Community
With a very small tiny wee shed. The new shed gives both of us room I have my half of the shed with my tools and my wife has her half with all her hobby equipment.
Thanks again we are very happy "vegemites" with our new shed.

March 2012

John's Getting it Together

Smile We Love Johns Garden Shed

At this stage, I have assembled the components and painted them to suit our needs. I was impressed with ease and accuracy the components went together. I am unable to erect the shed at present as my Wife had a fall and broke her back this means my time is taken up with her care. Given the components went together so well I don't expect to have any problems. Its just a matter of time before I can prepare the concrete slab and finish the project. John H.

February 2012

Julien's Oh So Squeezy


I had a real challenge to get a shed to fit into my ultra-narrow back yard so I could store some furniture while I was away. The Sheds4Less 3 x 3 just fitted the bill, but I don't fancy trying to get down the sides.


January 2012

Across the Country in a Lickety Split.

Smile We Love Marks Garden Sheds


Just wish to give a big thanks to the speed in which the shed was delivered
Ordered Friday morning and at my door Tuesday – Bloody great service considering it was interstate!

All I need now is for the concreting and works to be completed, so I can unpack it and see the quality.

Thanks again


Gary's Getaway


Hi Alex,

Please find attached a couple of photos of our shed finally erected.
Thank you for your assistance.

Gary and Theresa

Ryan's Up and At 'Em.

Smile We Love Ryan's Garden Shed

Hi Alex

I have got my shed up. Very happy with the end result. Very easy to build except for putting the roof on. Needed a few extra hands for that. Didn't have enough big screws but other than that very happy with end result.



Ouch our Door's Bent!

Smile We Love Mark's Garden Shed

I really appreciate your swift positive action on my door predicament.
I can now have the shed finished well before my weekends are shut down with the “Footy Season”

I have rivets etc so the modification would be no major show stopper
and your goodwill gesture will enhance my options of Sheds4Less when
friends & relo's ask me “Where did I get the Beaut shed..??”
You will have a referral friend for life.

Are you sure you don’t want the damaged door shipped back ??


Andrew James


Andrew James was a first time garden shed builder when he purchased a Sheds4Less 3.0 x 3.0 front gable garden shed. Andrew read through all of the instructions and viewed our Garden Shed Tips and Tricks videos.

He then went on to produce a comprehensive guide on his shed building project and sent it into us as feedback. this guide not only is valuable to first time shed builders but gave us some great feedback on how we can make buying and building a shed easier for our new customers.

Download Andrew's shed guide by clicking here.

Eds Shed

 Hi Alex,

Here's my shed, assembled at long last. I've attached a photo, and an animation showing the progress from the ground up. There are no helpers visible in the photo because I put the shed together on my own - something I cannot recommend! An extra pair of hands would have made it so much quicker and easier, although it was immensely satisfying to complete the entire job on my own.

Ed January 2014

Eds Garden Shed

Gary O'Hare

garys-garden-shed - winner

Garry gave us some great feedback about how we could improve our instruction manual, and how we could change the design of a couple of our components. We took this on board and now our sheds are even easier to put together.

Thanks a lot Gary.

The Biffin Family

We Love the Biffin Family

The Biffin family really got into their shed project. Not only did they make it a family exercise, they put together a short video about what the purchase of their shed meant to the family.

Check out the video  by clicking here

Congratulations to Deb and the family.