End Door Shed 0.8 x 5.2 Dual Double Hinged Side Doors

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End Door Garden Shed 0.8 x 5.2 Dual Double Hinged Side Doors

This is a 0.8m x 5.2m skillion roof garden shed. It has a single hinged door facing the skillion end and dual double hinged doors on the 5.2m wall. Got a long narrow space? Then this is your shed. The end door can be installed in either end of the shed. Likewise you can rotate the roof around 180 degrees to have the slope go the other way. You simply make these decisions when you assemble the shed.

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Roof typeSkillion Roof
Exterior dimension775mm x 5240mm
Interior dimension735mm x 5200mm
Height @ wall1900mm
Height @ ridge2040mm
Primary door typeSingle Hinged
Primary door height1845mm
Primary door opening710mm
Secondary door typeDual Double Hinged Side Doors
Secondary door height1845mm
Secondary door opening1540mm
Area4.16sq mt
Slab size975mm x 5440mm x 100mm

Garden shed floor plan





The double doors come with a heavy duty channel protector that makes wheeling heavy items like ride on mowers, mobility scooters and motor bikes a breeze. This ramp is dacromate coated which gives four way corrosion protection.

Heavy duty shed ramp

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the end door be moved to the opposite end?
    - Yes at time of the build. Simply install the wall with the door in the end you want. 
  2. Can the roof slope the other way?
    - Yes at time of the build. Simply spin the roof around 180 degrees.
  3. Can I move the door along the wall?
    - Maybe, call 1300 765 452
  4. Can the door hinge the other way?
    - Yes simply turn the wall upside down. New drill holes maybe required.

About our steel

We use hot dipped galvanized steel in our garden sheds that is tested to an International Standard ASTM-A653, it is either standard galvanized or galvanized then coated with a polyester color coating.

The coated steel is tested to a further International Standard ASTM-A755M. Every batch of steel we buy is independently tested to ensure it meets these standards.

Over the years we have learned that 0.32 thick steel provides the best performance/value ratio for garden sheds. So, this is the steel we use for our full range of sheds.

We are happy to offer a 30-year warranty on our garden sheds, as we know we use quality steel. If you want to read more about International Standard ASTM-A653 click here.

A lot of people ask do you use Colorbond© Steel? Colorbond is a trademark of Bluescope Steel for their coated steel. We do not use Colorbond steel in our sheds.

However, our Midland Green color is equivalent to a Colorbond color called Pale Eucalypt© Sandrift Cream is equivalent to a Colorbond color called Paperbark© and our Onyx Grey is equivalent to a Colorbond color called Monument© These are probably the most common steel colors used architecturally today.

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