Tunnel Gable 1.5 x 3.0 Hinged & Sliding tunnels + sliding side door

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This is a tunnel gable shed with a hinged door in one 1.5 metre wall and a sliding door in the other 1.5 metre wall. It has a third door which is sliding in the 3.0 metre wall.

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Roof typeFront Gable Roof
Exterior dimension1510mm x 2990mm
Interior dimension1440mm x 2950mm
Height @ wall1900mm
Height @ ridge2300mm
Primary door typeTunnel 1 x hinged + 1 x sliding
Primary door height1845mm
Primary door opening770mm
Secondary door typeSingle sliding
Secondary door height1870mm
Secondary door opening770mm
Area4.52sq mt
Slab size1610mm x 3090mm x 100mm

Light Industrial Door Tracks

We use light industrial tracks on all our sliding door sheds. Each door has 16 rollers, 8 top and 8 bottom, that roll in a “C” section channel. This sliding door system is superior to the plastic glide or single wheel systems that are commonly used in garden sheds.

Inferior single wheel bracket

Inferior – single wheel bracket 2 per door bottom mounted only.

Inferior plastic glide

Inferior – single plastic peg glide 2 per door top mounted only.

Superior 4-wheel bogie

Superior – 4 wheel bogie - 2 top + 2 bottom - 16 wheels per door.

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