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Sliding door sheds





 Pre-drilled holes  Council DA friendly
 Easy to assemble  Thicker steel than some
 Australian building codes  Every part labeled
 Australian instruction manual  Fast delivery


Garden Shed Gable 3.0 x 3.0 1 x Hinged +1 x Sliding Door

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 Garden Shed 3.0x3.0 Sheds4less

 Not quite the shed you are looking for? Then try these for size


We have added an additional single sliding door to one of our most popular sheds. Its your choice on which walls you install either the single hinged or single sliding doors, so you can configure your shed to suit your needs. Install a free standing shelf unit immediately behind either door and you have created a storage space that is accessible from inside or outside your new shed. The sliding door is ideal for situations where you do not have the room to swing a traditional hinged door.

Shed Specifications

Model G30H130S1
Roof type Front Gable Roof
Exterior dimension 2995mm x 2995mm
Interior dimension 2955mm x 2955mm
Height @ wall 1900mm
Height @ ridge 2300mm
Primary door type Single hinged
Primary door height 1845mm
Primary door opening 770mm
Secondary door type Single sliding
Secondary door height 1870mm
Secondary door opening 770mm
Weight 130.90kg
Area 8.97 sq mt
Slab size 3095mm x 3095mm x 100mm


Floor Plan


Download this sheds data sheet here

Not quite the shed you are looking for? Then try these.

3.0 x 3.0 Single Hinged Door + Single Sliding Door

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