Building a garden shed made easy

No More to Pay is Important

We know you appreciate knowing the total cost upfront without any hidden charges or unexpected fees added later on. It makes budgeting easier, reduces anxiety associated with purchases and increases overall satisfaction.

That’s why the price you see on our website is the price you pay.

Home Delivery Included
- Sheds are big and ugly. At least that’s what transport companies think. They are often packed into cartons that weigh over 100KG. This makes them hard to handle, hard to unload and hard to move on site. It also makes them expensive or very inconvenient to deliver to your home. You must pay for a 2-man delivery or help with an assisted delivery. The cost of this can vary from $95 -$500 depending on where you are in Australia.

At Sheds4less we have solved this problem with our 1-man packing. No matter what size shed you buy from us, they are packed into multiple cartons that weigh 25KG or less. This makes delivery and handling on site easy. It also means that we include delivery to your home into the price you see on our website. – No more to pay.

Corrosion Resistant Screws
- Your shed is constructed using 10mm and 16mm self-tapping screws. We supply you with all the screws you need plus some extras in each carton. We specify Dacromet coated self-tapping screws as they have superior corrosion resistance. Read more about the Dacromet coating here.– No more to pay.

Bolt Down Kits Included
- You must secure your shed to a firm base as part of the build. So, you will need several anchor kits depending on the size of your shed. Making anchor kits an “optional” extra that you need to pay for is just silly and inconvenient.
Anchor kits are included in the price you see on our website. – No more to pay.

Doorway Ramps Included
- Every doorway in a Sheds4less shed includes a heavy duty door ramp. Single or double, hinged or sliding, they are included in the price you see on our website. – No more to pay.
Garden shed bolt down kit

An anchor kit comprises.

  • 1 x galvanized right angle bracket.
  • 1 x 5/16 x 19mm galvanized bolt and nut.
  • 1 x 10mm masonry bolt

Most other shed makers charge extra for anchor kits. For larger sheds this could mean you have to buy 16 sets of anchors. This could add $144 to your purchase price. At Sheds4less we include all the anchor kits you need to bolt your shed to the base. No more to pay.

Getting heavier things like mowers and wheelbarrows in and out of a shed can be a challenge. Particularly if you don’t have a bottom channel protector fitted in the doorway. Nothing surer you will ram your knees and damage the bottom channel.

That’s why we include heavy duty bottom channel protectors for all doorways of our sheds. This makes getting wheeled equipment in and out of your shed easy. Plus fitting a bottom channel protector makes your shed stronger. No more to pay.

Garden shed doorway ramps

Find the Shed to Fit Your Space

With over 3,000 different garden sheds you are bound to find a shed that fits your space. Use our online shed selector to find the right size and right door configuration to suit your needs.

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