Concrete Slabs for Sheds - Steps 6 & 7

Step Six: Finishing the Concrete

An important part in laying a slab is finishing it; concrete slab floors must be finished before they are ready to be used. You will know the time is right when the surface water begins to sink in and the concrete begins to set. At this point, use the trowel to smooth the surface. A steel trowel will produce an especially sleek, smooth surface. If you plan to use water in your garden shed, be careful – smooth concrete can be very slippery when it is wet. To avoid slips and falls, use a broom to roughen the surface.

Step Seven: Curing the Concrete

A concrete slab for a shed must be cured before you can walk on it. Luckily, this step requires a lot less time for a garden shed concrete slab than it does for a concrete slab for a garage. Place a sheet of plastic over the concrete after it sets but before it dries. Doing this holds in the moisture and allows it to cure. If the weather is hot, you should wet the surface of the concrete before laying down the plastic. If you let it dry out, it will be weak, dusty and susceptible to crumbling. Keep the plastic on for at least three days, and do not put any significant weight on it for at least one week.

As you can see, building a slab is all about making the right preparations. Your garden shed will benefit enormously from having a concrete floor, but you need to follow the appropriate steps. If you design your concrete slab in the right way, it is sure to stand the test of time with ease, and you will get years of use and enjoyment out of your garden shed. 

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Download concrete slab instructions in PDF format here.

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