Concrete slabs for sheds

Old shedYou can get a lot more out of your garden shed by creating a concrete floor for it. Concrete floors open up many new possibilities and add to the durability and usefulness of a garden shed. Fortunately, laying a cement slab floor is a do-it-yourself job, especially when you are dealing with a relatively compact area.

Garden sheds typically require relatively small concrete slabs, so this is a task that you and one other helper can complete without a lot of effort.

Learn how to design a concrete slab, how to build a concrete slab and how to make the necessary preparations below.

Step One: Choose the Right Concrete

Concrete is available in several different grades. It is important to select the right grade for your concrete shed slab. Grade N32 is designed for areas like driveways. You do not need that high of a grade, but you should not use something that is as weak as grade N10. Grade N25 will give you a nice finish and should be more than strong enough for your concrete slab floor.

One shortcut is to order your concrete and have it delivered to you. Tell the company the purpose of the concrete. Ordering premixed concrete will save you time, but it will cost you extra money.


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