How we made buying a garden shed easy

Sheds4less has improved the garden shed buying process by addressing the top 5 pain points identified by customers. Together with a range of over 7,400 shed variations, a simple online shed selector tool, and detailed instruction manuals for each shed, buying and building the garden shed that fits your space is easy.

  • Sheds4less offers the largest range of garden sheds available anywhere in the world, with over 7,400 variations.
  • The online shed selector tool makes finding the right garden shed easy in just 4-5 mouse clicks.
  • Every shed comes with comprehensive detailed instructions written in English
  • Prices include delivery to your home anywhere in Australia.
  • Sheds are packed in manageable flat packs that can be moved around on site by one man. No box weighs more than 25 KG

We spoke to our customers and here's is what you said.

Our garden shed system

A shed that fits my space is the most important point.

Skillion garden shed features

We designed and developed a garden shed system, from the ground up, using concepts from the "fast fashion" industry and modern technology that delivers a range of over 7,400 different shed variations.This is the largest shed range available anywhere in the world. Developed right here in Australia by us.



How do I find the right garden shed?

With over 7,400 garden shed variations we needed to design an online shed selector tool that made finding the right garden shed easy. Our online shed selector will guide you through the process in 4 easy steps. The garden shed you need is only 4-5 clicks away. Just hit the gold select button with your choice.

 Selecy my garden shed

How about information?

Every shed has an illustration, and detailed floor plan, that you can click on and download so you know this is the right garden shed for you.

Long skillion garden sheds   Garden shed floor plan

Fast Delivery to your home.

We use a "no more to pay" price. It includes delivery to your home (not to a depot) where ever you live in Australia.You don't need to be home to take delivery, on our order form there is space for you to tell us where to leave your shed if you are not at home. Our team will configure your shed the first business day after we get your order and it will be dispatched from our Sydney facility that day.

Flat Pack Packaging

All of our sheds are packed in flat pack cartons that weigh around 25kg and can easily be handled by one person. You will receive multiple flat packs that make up your garden shed.

InstructionsGable garden shed

Nothing is more frustrating than confusing instructions. We have written all the instructions ourselves to make sure that they make sense and are easy to follow. Each carton contains its own set of instructions. Building your garden shed is just a process of following the instructions, one step at a time.

Everything is included

You garden shed comes with all of the hardware that is needed to finish your project, this includes the bolt down kits and masonry anchors that other companies treat as an optional extras.

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The Walls

All of our garden sheds have a wall height of 1900mm. You will find sheds available in Australia with 1700mm and the most common height is 1800mm. So our wall height at 1900mm is higher than most. This makes it more convenient for the Australian consumer.

You have a choice of wall lengths; 800mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2300mm, 3000mm, 3700mm, 4500mm, 5200mm and 6000mm.

The Roof

All of our skillion roof sheds have a high point of 2040mm - 2100mm. You can spin our skillion roofs around 180 degrees to have the slope running the other way and the holes still match up. You do this at the time of your build. Watch the video.

The Doors

You can have doors in as many walls in your garden shed as you want with our shed system. It's up to you. Our sliding doors use a light industrial track system that has 16 rollers per door to ensure trouble free service. We do not use sliding door glides you see on other sheds as we know these just do not last the distance.

The Steel

You will find garden sheds on the market in Australia with steel thicknesses that vary from 0.20 - 0.41 bmt. We use 0.32 in our sheds as we believe that it give the best longevity to cost ratio. That is why we offer a 30 year warranty on all of our sheds. Here is a handy ready reckoner.

Steel thickness cross reference

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You can have the best system and the best sheds, but if you don't execute you are still average. We look after our customers like they are gold. Our aim is to ensure that purchasing and building your garden shed is as smooth and easy as possible. We are always here to help. But don't take it from us, let our customer reviews do the talking.

 Sometime ago I had a 2.3m x 3m gable shed double sliding doors delivered to my home in Melbourne

My wife and I put it together over a weekend. To your credit every, yes every, screw or rivet was absolutely aligned.

Did not have to drill a single hole, other than where it was stated in the manual.

Thanks again. I hate to say this, but I have bought a few sheds over time and yours are far superior.

Cheers and keep up the good work.

Glen and Jenny
May 2015

 I am very pleased with the shed, and with all the advice you gave me via email regarding installation etc – including the installer you recommended, who was superb.

The shed is most attractive  - colour is ideal including white trim.

I was particularly pleased to find a shed with the door on the narrow side and with the peak roof showing on the short door side. I couldn’t find any other brand with this configuration, which was necessary for the available site on our land. It had to fit in beside a granny flat – a limited space, and aesthetics was important.

All at a good price!

Feel free to quote this on your website,

August 2015

My request was outside the norm – Find a garden shed to fit on side of the house between the side wall and slim line water tanks with a distance of 1.7m one end has to be a sliding door and the other a hinged door ……….

Called numerous suppliers and got the run around. Then called Alex from Sheds4less and within 5 minutes he accepted my challenge ! Alex said I will have the layout of your shed on line within a couple of hours and then you can order.  - WOW !
Went online and found my exact request and then easily processed the order, shed arrived couple of days later and by the weekend I had my new garden shed up and packed nicely with the usually equipment.

Alex – you have provided me with a great shed that matches the colour of my house and was simple to assemble ( even the kids give it a sign of approval ) .


August 2014

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Thanks for reading this far.

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