The 4 Less Group

Sheds4less is a division of The 4 Less Group.

The 4 Less Group has been established to take advantage of modern Internet technology and technological advancements within the Australian logistics and supply chain industry, to bring a selection of products, that were often difficult to find and hard to transport, to customers who live anywhere in Australia, at a price that offers exceptional value for money. So sheds was a natural choice. We have recently launched Safes4Less. Safes4less sells a range of fireproof commercial grade safes suitable for the home or office.

Our Guiding Principals

Every decision made at The 4 Less Group needs to result in the company being able to deliver a wider range of hard to find, difficult to deliver products at better prices than that available today.


To give all Australians equal access to products that are, hard to find or difficult deliver, at a total price that represents real value, and is the lowest in their geographical market.


To give all Australians easy access to a range of products often not available because of volume or delivery constraints and thereby become the premier retailer of niche, hard to handle consumer merchandise in the country.

Targets & Milestones

Evidence of tangible progress will be double digit percentage growth in month on month sales for the first 12 months of operation and then at least 20% this year-last year growth for the next 2 years. After the first 12 months 20% of sales should be generated by products in the business for less than 1 year.

Strategic & Operational Priorities

Reducing the cost of doing business expressed as a percentage of sales on an annual basis to ensure that the company is able to offer the lowest prices possible to it's customers. Reducing the cost of freight and distribution thereby widening the potential market for the product range.

Brand Promise

Making hard to find, difficult to handle consumer products easily available to all Australians at better prices.

Core Values

Integrity and innovation. Stakeholders must be able to trust that products will be offered and sold with transparency and the knowledge that they represent true value for money.