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All businesses registered with Service Central are verified as properly registered businesses with proper insurances and where appropriate are fully licenced. 

When you click on the 'get a quote' button your job details will be sent to providers within your local area.  Up to a maximum of 2 providers can access your details and these businesses will ring you and provide independent quotations for shed installations.  You decide between the providers.  There is no obligation to accept either or any quotation.

Are You Just Looking For A Price Estimate?
If you are just looking for an estimate of the cost and or a price range, here is some information to help you:

 Garden Shed Size  1.5x0.7  1.5x1.4   2.3x1.5   2.3x2.3  3.0x1.5  3.0x1.5-3  3.0x2.3  3.0x3.0

 Installation From









 Slab From









Now these prices are estimates only and each job is likely to be a little bit different depending on the area where the garden shed is to be installed.

What If No-one Responds to my Quote Request
Depending where you are located, there will not always be businesses registered with Service Central.  Sometimes, no business or only one business will respond.  If this happens, we apologise and can assure you that we are working hard to get all of Australia covered with quality service providers.  Also, we will keep you informed via email or SMS and let you know who (or if no one) has responded to your get a quote request.

What Do I Do Now?
If you genuinely want a quote to install your shed (please don’t be a tyre kicker), all you need to do is click the Get a Quote button below.  We will capture some details about you and your job and then we will notify the providers. It’s that simple! 
Once you have submitted your get a quote form, you will be returned back to the same page you were on before.

Thank you for shopping with Sheds4less and using Service Central.

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