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Our Unique Garden Shed Features

We have designed our full range of garden sheds to be flexible so that you can get the shed that really fits you space and door requirements. Plus we have incorporated those little extra features that others miss out. Like extra height walls, corner protection angles and an extra height ridge on our gable sheds to give more head room.

We have a "no more to pay" philosophy so we always include the number of bolt down kits and masonry bolts you need for your shed, plus your shed will be delivered to your home packed in multiple boxes that are "one-man handling" friendly.

We take the hassle out of buying a shed.

What makes our garden sheds different to others?

  • We design and manufacture our sheds for Australian conditions and to comply with building regulations.
  • We keep stock of all of our garden sheds in stock - so you don't have to wait up to 6 weeks like some others.
  • We use quality steel in our garden sheds that is up to 20% thicker than some other shed makers.
  • Our garden shed warranty is 30 years and is the industry's longest. We believe in our product and quality.
  • Bolt down brackets come as standard in all our sheds, not a chargeable extra, so you save up to $80
  • Our gable roof sheds have a higher ridge than most other sheds at 2.3 metres. This means more head room.
  • Our garden sheds are securely packed into multiple cartons that one person can easily handle.
  • Our instructions are written in plain English and are (read some of our shed reviews) easy to follow. We will even send you a copy of the assembly instructions when we confirm your order, so you can prepare for your shed build.
  • If you have a problem, we will look after you - no questions asked. We are always here to help.

If you want to know more about our garden shed sales system, click here to read about delivering customer value.

Garden shed review

We have spent countless hours designing our sheds so that they meet the expectations of our customers. But it is not only the sheds themselves, it is how they are packed and the instructions that make a real difference.

We love it when our customers give us feed back, because this helps us to make our garden sheds even better.

Check out some of our garden shed reviews that our customers have sent in over the years.

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